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The Internal Revenue Service issued Notice 2020-5. This notice is intended to inform taxpayers of the upcoming changes that will occur with regard to their taxes. The most common change includes increasing the tax-free allowance amount for each tax year. Additional tax breaks are also expected to be enacted in the next couple of years.

Most people understand that the standard tax allowance is currently set at $1000, but this figure can be increased by two percent for a tax year beginning after January 1st and before April 15th of that current year. The second change that is coming up for 2020 is a decrease in the tax-free allowance amount for each tax year beginning after April 15th. This will take place at the same time as the previous increase in the annual allowance, so it should not have much of an effect on you, unless you have a tax deferred status. It does mean that when your tax return is processed that you will have a substantially lower tax refund than your normal average.

No Longer Qualify For The Tax-free Allowance in 2020

Prepaid gifts will no longer qualify for the tax-free allowance in 2020. Instead, the IRS will be requiring that any tax-deductible gift is provided as income on your tax return. If you cannot provide a sufficient income amount for the tax-free allowance amount, then the funds you donate will be taxed as income, which will increase your total tax refund and your tax liability. It is important to remember that the IRS has the right to audit any portion of your financial statements, so it is very important that you have a complete tax return, with all of your financial records included.

A change in how to check prepaid gift balance is likely to also be implemented with regard to how to check cash balances for electronic prepaid debit cards and prepaid credit cards. Electronic payment card programs are quickly becoming a popular way for people to pay their bills. However, they are much riskier option compared to debit cards because they have the potential for misuse and identity theft. There are many fraud prevention measures that can be used to prevent identity theft and other fraudulent activities. You can also read more about prepaidgiftbalance 2020 on the link.

Why Was This Notice Issued?

This notice was issued to educate taxpayers on the possible changes that will be implemented with regard to how to check prepaid gift balance in the future. There will not be a significant change to the allowance amount in 2020, so there is no need to rush if you have a large amount of prepaid gifts. This also means that you won’t have to worry about changing your spending habits in order to increase your tax-free allowance amount and reducing the amount of tax that you owe in tax year 2020.

The annual allowance, though, will be increasing slightly for 2020, so if you have a significant amount of electronic prepaid cards, you will have to decide if you want to convert them to a regular card or have them replaced. Even if you don’t want to switch your prepaid gifts to a regular credit card, you may want to look into using these cards in the future. They can be extremely useful for emergencies that arise. You may have a situation where you need more money and have access to a card, but you don’t want to carry cash to pay for a trip to the grocery store or pay the rent.

Annual Allowance Likely To Remain The Same

With respect to cash vs. electronic cards, the annual allowance is likely to remain the same. However, there will be more changes coming down the road, which will affect the way that you can deduct money from your gross income. One of the biggest changes, according to the IRS, is a decrease in the standard deduction amount for gifts to family members. For example, in 2020 the standard deduction is expected to be $1500 for married couples, but will be decreased to $1000 for single people who are single.

It would also be smart to use the funds that you save by converting your prepaid gift card into a regular card before you begin to spend it. That way, you can avoid incurring interest charges. The IRS has even stated that it will be easier for taxpayers to take advantage of gift tax relief in future years, so the options available are unlimited for those who want to maximize the amount of tax-free gifts that they can use in tax year 2020.

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